Administration of business activities abroad? Many are the questions that arise in front of an “offshore trust”.

That is not at all complex or risky, as the lawyer Alessandro Accinni explains in the magazine “Le Fonti Legal”. Especially if you rely on a trusted company. In Italy, there is first and foremost an ad hoc law for the management of these activities, subject to the obligations regarding money laundering and the prevention of terrorism, and which includes the authorization by the Ministry of Economic Development.

“Relying on a trusted company – explains the Chairman of Fiduciaria Marche Dott. Valerio Vico  – allows, for the administration of companies abroad, to make use of a withholding agent, represented by the trust company itself, which can hold relations with foreign intermediaries in full compliance with the law, including the tax one ”.

Further advantages, for the Italian administrator, also in terms of compliance, which are in fact simplified according to the administered savings regime and can also enjoy the confidentiality of the tax return.

Efficiency and transparency even in the event of a possible administration of further assets or financial assets of the same Italian subject by the trust company, which can operate, under a mandate, in the management of corporate equity investments, policies, works of art and buildings.

The lawyer Alessandro Accinni is among the leading professors of the course of study organized by Fiduciaria Marche entitled “Instruments for the protection of the heritage, from the fiduciary mandate to life insurance policies, from trusts to generational change and succession procedures” to be held in Ancona during 6 days of 4 hours each. The theme dealt with by Accinni within the training plan will be the one related to “Contractual instruments. Foreclosures, seizures in the presence of fiduciary mandates “.

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